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Stats and Facts for New Nurses

Our country needs more nurses. That is no secret and has been the topic for countless articles that I’ve read and posts that I’ve written. However, I figure that since you’re in nursing school, one can never get too much good information on this topic.

Scrubsmag.com has posted a new article on this subject with a really great graphic that you should check out. Since you’re investing time and money in a nursing program, this should keep you on track and feeling encouraged.

Nurses are still in high demand and this is why:

• Changes in the Medicare reimbursement system that increased nurses’ workloads
• New patient care technology that requires a higher skill level and more education to use
• A perception that nurses are undervalued and overworked, making it an unattractive career path
• Nursing schools that have not kept up with the needs and interests of today’s students
• Nurses choosing to pursue other lines of work or retiring as they age out of the workforce
• Overall population growth (and a big upswing in the percentage of the patient population over age 65)

“In 2004, the projected shortage by 2012 was anticipated to be 800,000. Now, as seen in the infographic below, that expected gap has jumped to more than 1 million.”

Here are some interesting stats about the current job market that I found interesting:

• Male nurses entering the field are up by 20%
• The average age of a nurse is 42.5 years old

Nursing is an exciting career with as many specialties as there are personality types. Like the fast paced life? Try the ER. Want regular hours and a stable routine? Maybe a private doctor’s office is right for you. Do you prefer investing in fewer patients and building a support system for those in need? Oncology might be the path for you. Would you rather work in an office without the demands of a hospital? Health coaches are a rising trend. When you go to a medical training program, there are endless possibilities!

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