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Are State Favoring Nurses with BSN’s?

Jennifer Matton of Abington, PA had to carve time out of her busy schedule to go back to school for the 3rd time to obtain her BSN. Matton, a mother of four boys and a registered nurse (RN) at Abington Memorial Hospital, noticed a trend of hospitals preferring nurses with BSNs versus RNs.

Hospitals in New York and New Jersey are starting a quiet trend as talks of possibly passing legislation that will require nurses to have a bachelor in nursing have been brewing. The law, nicknamed “BSN-in-ten,” has yet to be enforced or finalized however, some hospitals have already implemented that requirement in their hiring process. The legislation states that current registered nurses in those states are given 10 years to return to school and obtain their degrees in order to keep their licenses and practices.*

The push for this act started back in 1974 and was approved in 1985 however, due to many objections, implementation of the act stalled. The main argument against this legislation is that experience overpowers classroom learning. Also, that due to the shortage of registered nurses and hospital schedule demands; it would be a hard requirement to enforce.

Matton believes in this requirement due to the importance of the required decision making of her profession.

“It blows me away how much influence nurses have on serious treatment decisions,” Matton said. “After going back to school, I think more critically about what we’re doing, and I have a better understanding of why we’re doing it.”*

This trend may carry across the U.S. as cities in Rhode Island and Long Island are considering to follow in New York and New Jersey’s footsteps. Matton decided to go back to school to obtain her BSN after noticing the trend that hospitals prefer to hire nurses with higher degrees. Regardless if this law is enforced in your state or not, knowing that hospitals prefer a nurse with a higher degree, wouldn’t you like to gain an edge with an advance degree? Contact us to find out how.

*BSN-in-10 act will require nurses to obtain a BAN in 10 years. (Source: http://www.nursezone.com, 01/2012).

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