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Satisfied Healthcare Staff = Better Patient Care

A new study from Imperial Hospital in London, found that it is as important for non-clinical hospital staff to be satisfied with the quality of care they provide as it is for doctors to be satisfied, when it comes down to the success of the hospital.

“What this work does is demonstrate that staff satisfaction is correlated with organizational performance,” said Dr. Richard Pinder, the creator of the study. One of the reasons highlighted was that staff members are essential for raising and resolving quality care issues.

More than 60,000 doctors, nurses, administration and support staff from 147 hospitals in England were asked questions like whether or not they would recommend their institution to a friend and if they were personally happy with the care provided. Researchers then compared their answers to Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratios (HMSR).  The results surprised even the researchers: whether you were a secretary or a surgeon, your job satisfaction reflected in the hospitals performance.

Dr. Pinder speculated that standard measures of hospital effectiveness like HMSR may not be as reflective of the quality of care, as how hospital staff view it themselves, which could be a far more useful measure for patients.

“It’s difficult for patients to make decisions based on the intricacies of adjusted mortality rates,” Dr. Pinder explained,  “If you want to choose between two hospitals, knowing that 98 percent of doctors and nurses working there would recommend their hospital, compared with 60 percent elsewhere is a useful thing to know.”

Source: Imperial College London