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Positive Outlook for Healthcare Jobs in 2013

Healthcare jobs of all kinds found their way into U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of the top 100 jobs of 2013, with dentist coming in at number one. Medical secretary, diagnostic sonographer, respiratory therapist, physical therapy assistant and dental hygienist all ranked among the top 25 jobs.

The one thing all these positions have in common is demand. Across the board, there is an immediate need for skilled healthcare workers, and that need is projected to increase over the next ten years, two major reasons why healthcare (and tech) jobs earned so many of the top spots. The rankings also considered factors such as stress level, work-life balance and salary, in addition to job security, unemployment rate and demand.

They also ranked the top 24 jobs in Healthcare for 2013. This year, along with the jobs you would expect (physician, dentist, pharmacist) a number of new, support roles appeared such as veterinary technician and diagnostic medical sonographer. According to US News & World Report, for medical positions, “the most occupational growth [is] expected among healthcare support jobs.”

Even if engaging people in conversation while you pick at their teeth with a metal hook isn’t for you, all in all, it looks like it’s a great time to be in healthcare.

Source: U.S. News and World Report