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Pharmacy Technicians Help With Drug Shortages

A serious problem that many health care institutions are facing has to do with drug shortages. Pharmacy Technician students may be the answer to help solve this problem in the future.

On PRNewswire.com, this story was reported and addresses the concerns of the medical industry. “Manufacturing issues, including shortages in raw materials and packaging supplies, product discontinuation, limited manufacturing capacity, and pharmaceutical industry consolidation, have led to a significant increase in drug shortages over the last five years. To avoid compromising patient care associated with shortages, hospital and health-system pharmacies have developed proactive strategies to streamline inventory maintenance and utilize key staff, including CPhTs, in pharmacy operations.”

“Pharmacy technicians are instrumental in managing inventory and communicating department needs to supervisors,” said Erin Fox, PharmD, Manager, Drug Information Services, University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics. “By working cooperatively within the pharmacy team, they allow the department to better optimize daily workflow output and reprioritize medication distribution activities as patients’ needs change.”

I know that the shortage of flu vaccines has been a problem the past few years, but I am surprised that this issue hasn’t been resolved yet and that the difficulty of getting other medications is on the rise. There are many viable ways to reduce this problem. “Health-system pharmacies may better manage drug shortages by effectively utilizing available technology. Automation has evolved to expand distribution system capabilities and improve safety and efficiency in distribution. Automation pharmacy technicians, responsible for the management of automated dispensing devices such as robots or automated dispensing cabinets, assist with implementation, maintenance, and optimization of these technologies and may be called upon to assist with drug shortage responsibilities. This includes assisting with product distribution, database modification, and the redistribution of product to areas of higher need.”

It’s no secret that the need for nurses is on the rise as a large portion of our society ages, and that means that Pharmacy Technicians in the San Francisco Bay Area are also going to be in high demand. The need for medical care and the need for medications in going to increase in the near future. Although budget cuts and the declining economy doesn’t seem to be gaining momentum any time soon, the health care industry is one of the few areas of employment that is getting stronger.

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