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Pharmacy Technician Job Options

After all of your hard work at school, it’s finally time to enter the work force as a Pharmacy Technician. It’s one thing to learn in a classroom; it’s a whole new ballgame once you start applying for jobs. EzineMark.com gives some interesting insight that you should consider before you hit the pavement looking for job opportunities.

According to Chris (no last name given), “Working hours normally encompass the conventional eight-hour slot. Establishments which run 24-hour services have duty rosters to schedule staff shifts. If one is not willing to compromise beauty sleep for better pay, it is better to stay with the former. However, taking on a double shift or later hours certainly helps to increase the pay at month end.” It seems to me that every city has it’s plethora of Targets and CVS’s with various pharmacy hours, so finding options should be feasible. Knowing that you have options and a chance for higher pay seems like quite a bonus, though.

Another thing to keep in mind is that “Upon securing pharmacy technician jobs, these professionals are expected to keep their certifications current with the respective boards. In addition to renewal fees, individuals have to participate in continuous education to keep abreast of the medical industry’s latest. This is generally the norm for professions within the medical arena as changes in terms of innovative practices and drugs occur at a frequent pace.” If you just turn on the TV for an hour, there are countless commercials for the newest and best osteoporosis or cholesterol medications. Schooling is not an option to keep your skills up to date, but there are many options online or in the evenings to accommodate busy technicians.

“Steady hands whilst measuring out and compounding drugs followed with attentive eyes to tally the tablet count can prove to be a handful. Strong communicative skills are an inherent part of pharmacy technician jobs for the sake of interaction with superiors, peers and patrons,” advises Chris. As a pharmacy technician, there is no room for error; training and education are priceless!

Being a pharmacy technician is a great job with many options. If you’ve thought about becoming a pharmacy technician in San Francisco and elsewhere in the state, then see how Unitek College can give you the professional training you need to become a part of this growing healthcare field.

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