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Nursing Rules from Around the World

          Nurses all around the world have one thing in common: a passion for helping others. But it’s amazing how this profession and some of its guidelines vary so much from country to country. I found an interesting article on scrubsmag.com that I found amusing and hope you do, too.
          Marijke Durning writes about 10 nursing rules that you’ve probably never heard of. These are my top five:
1. Nurses can’t be obese in Japan – “In 2008, the Japanese government decreed that its citizens had to slim down to reduce the chances of developing lifestyle-related diseases, such as metabolic syndrome—or metabo, as they call it there.”
2. In Canada, it’s illegal to put caffeine in clear sodas – So if you’re working a double, night shift or overtime, forget downing that Mountain Dew.
3. Overtime doesn’t always equal extra pay – “In states like California, it’s the law for overtime work to be paid at overtime pay (time and a half). This is for all employees who work more than eight hours in a day or 40 hours in a week. Of course, this is adapted in the healthcare setting, where nurses often work 12-hour shifts.”
4. The government buys your uniforms in the United Kingdom – “In mid-2010, the country’s estimated 36,000 nurses and midwives began wearing standardized colors, according to their level of nursing. In response to complaints from patients and others being unable to tell who was who, a color code was established.” On one hand, it would be great not having to buy scrubs. On the other hand, being told what to wear is a little like being a student in private school.
5. Learn you manners – “If you’re working over the weekend at Worthing Hospital in West Sussex, England, you could—without reprimand—ignore a doctor’s order for blood tests if he (or she) doesn’t write ‘please’ on the requisition…. A spokesperson said this was implemented in order to ease pressure on other healthcare personnel by making the doctor think twice about writing the order.”
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