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Nursing Grads Are Getting Hired!

When I graduated from college, I had mixed feelings: elation that I could finally pursue what I loved and fear that countless interviews and rejections awaited me. It’s nerve wracking to send out resumes, journey on job interviews, and then wait to hear whether or not you got the position. In this tough economy, many college grads are having a tough time finding a job. Fortunately, those graduating from a nursing program are not among the unemployed.

Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing just put out a new report on Newswise.com stating that nursing grads are extremely successful in the job hunt. Their study was based on findings from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. “A recent survey of nursing schools conducted by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) tells a story of success for recent graduates. Among those receiving a nursing bachelor’s degree, 88% have received job offers within four to six months; for those earning a master’s, 92%.

“At the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON), informal surveys and questionnaires conducted among the 2010 Hopkins graduates show a similar percentage with 89% of responding graduates from all classes (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and Doctor of Nursing Practice) indicating they have found employment since graduation. Of the 11% not currently employed, nearly 10% indicated they were pursuing an advanced degree and were continuing their nursing studies full time… The JHUSON online survey also showed that nearly two-thirds of the employed respondents found nursing positions within 90-days following graduation; an additional 24% within six months; and only a small number, 8%, indicated their search took longer.”

Currently our nation has a 9.1 unemployment rate and according to a USA Today article, the average college grad is facing five candidates for every one job opening. Fortunately, nursing school graduates are not among these statistics!

The JHUSON report further reports that “Among Hopkins grads, only 11% reported the job search to be very difficult, while others (19%) reported no difficulty at all. The highest percentage of respondents (71%) described their job search as slightly to moderately difficult. The majority of survey respondents (58%) also found their first choice in a position and 66% in their preferred geographic location. Ninety-one percent were employed by hospitals.”

With the number of patients increasing and a variety of job openings becoming available, it seems like now is a great time to graduate from a nursing college!

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