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Nurses Involved in Implementing New ER Procedures

With the hustle and bustle of the ER and the bombardment of high risk patients, working in this fast paced environment can be stressful and therefore have a high possibility for errors. There are some hospitals that are taking extra steps to decrease this margin of error to ensure that their patients have the best care possible.

LVN to RN students have many options as to which environment they would like to work in; all are important and have a potential to be intense. Those who choose to work in the Emergency Room have an extra dose of stress to consider and have to be on top of their game as they treat patients in great need.

FierceHealthcare.com writer Alicia Caramenico explains some changes that are being implemented so that every patient gets the best treatment possible.

Caramenico writes that, “At-risk patients at Abington Memorial Hospital near Philadelphia will be seen by a doctor and nurse together–quickly after arrival–so that both caregivers hear vital patient information.

“Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston is using a ‘trigger’ system that looks at five vital signs during triage to determine which patients should be seen and treated faster.

“Some hospitals are having nurses and doctors huddle when reviewing patient data so that no information is missed. Still, other hospitals are using time-outs at discharge to give nurses the opportunity to stop the discharge process, if necessary.

“In a related effort to reduce errors in the ER, hospitals and their liability insurers are looking back on resolved claims to see what went wrong and why to prevent such errors from happening again, notes the Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog. However, ER doctors point out that such analysis overlooks real-time conditions in often overcrowded emergency rooms, which may make errors less grievous.”

Unfortunately, most people have visited an ER and it’s impossible to not to have a strong opinion about your experience, whether good or bad. Hopefully more hospitals will see this model of caring for patients and follow suit.

The health care industry is always changing, and those taking RN courses need to be aware of the job opportunities out there. If working in the ER suits your personality and your need for an adrenaline rush, then get ready for an exciting career ahead!

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