Meet Stacy Black, Unitek College Graduate

Almost exactly a year ago, Stacy Black made the decision to pursue a career in Medical Assisting. So in January, she enrolled in the Unitek College Medical Assisting program; in October, she joined the ranks of Unitek College alumni, and just one week ago, she passed her NCCT exam to become a certified Medical Assistant.

“It’s hard to pinpoint the best part of studying at Unitek College,” Stacy told us. “My whole experience was my favorite part.” One factor in particular for Stacy was the Unitek College staff, who she says regularly encouraged her to keep going, regardless of the obstacles.

“They encouraged me to keep going. I even got over my fear of needles and of amateurs not knowing how to draw blood. And once that passed, it was my pleasure to help out a fellow student get over their fear of sticking someone with a needle.”

Two people in particular stood out to Stacy during her studies. Her instructor (whom she refers to as “Mr. A”) “was very helpful whenever I needed it and always answered any questions that I had. He’s very caring and wants to see people grow in his field and teach them what he knows.”

Susie, who works in the Unitek College career center, also made a big impact on Stacy’s experience. “I love Susie to pieces! She was always available to me when I needed her. There were times that I wanted to quit, but these two always encouraged me to keep going and to not let anything or anyone get in my way.”

With her NCCT successfully completed, Stacy plans to pursue her new career path full throttle after the holidays. Through her Unitek College externship, she’s already been given the opportunity to test out her new skills outside the classroom, and she can’t wait to put those skills to work full-time.

Stacy encourages any prospective students on the fence about Unitek College to give it a try. “The staff really cares about your success and will do whatever they can to help you.”

Congratulations to Stacy on her graduation and certification! We can’t wait to hear what comes next.