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Medical Assistant Training in Bakersfield & Fremont, California


Every Medical Assistant takes a different career path to arrive at the same goal. While some Medical Assistants forgo completing a formal MA program to prepare themselves, the field is becoming more competitive. In today’s job market, it’s not uncommon for hiring managers to favor applicants with formal MA training.

If you’re searching for a Medical Assisting training program and live in Fremont, California, Unitek College is one of the most convenient options for you. Known for providing a high quality, personalized Medical Assisting academic program, it’s no wonder that aspiring Medical Assistants are choosing Unitek.

Plus, Unitek offers Medical Assistant training at several other campuses. One of these happens to be in Bakersfield, California. Today, we’re going to compare these two sunny cities and look at how students can benefit from both campuses.

Let’s start by delving into the Medical Assisting profession!

The Definition of a Medical Assistant

Medical Assisting might be the perfect career for someone who craves variety in their work. On any given day, a Medical Assistant can be responsible for insurance, billing, and scheduling appointments. Medical Assistants also make a first impression for the office, as they often greet patients and put them at ease.

Strong interpersonal skills will certainly help in the role. Medical Assistants not only assist patients but work closely with physicians and nurses as well. MAs get face time with patients, prepare them for X-rays, remove sutures or dressings, and support physicians during medical exams. There is always room to grow and learn within this dynamic role.

The Medical Assistant Program at Unitek


The scope of Medical Assisting might sound a little overwhelming to some, but Unitek College prepares future professionals for numerous aspects of the job. In fact, students are required to complete 160 hours of a supervised externship, where they receive valuable feedback that will help them grow into qualified professionals.

With a caring team of career-service experts, students have the resources they need to succeed in the job market. More specifically, students can receive help with their resumes, cover letters, interviewing strategies, and more. Unitek’s graduates find work in various medical settings, such as physicians’ offices, private healthcare facilities, hospitals, and labs.

Unitek maintains an MA program at all their campuses. In California, they can be found in the following cities: Bakersfield, Concord, Fremont, Hayward, Sacramento, San Jose, and South San Francisco. With so many locations, students can choose a campus that is convenient and cuts down their commute time.

When comparing the MA program at Bakersfield and Fremont, it’s important to remember that these two campuses maintain a similar curriculum. It includes coursework in topics like medical terminology, office procedures, and anatomy & physiology. Plus, traditional lectures are just one part of the equation. To ensure that students are “career-ready” when they graduate, the Medical Assistant program offers hands-on exercises, simulation training, and access to healthcare facilities.

If you’d like to attend school in Southern California, you might want to consider Unitek’s Bakersfield campus.

Bakersfield, California


The Bakersfield campus was established in 2017. The new but mighty team achieved institutional accreditation in 2018 from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and offers various programs for aspiring healthcare professionals. These include courses for future Vocational Nurses and Medical Assistants, two vital roles that need to be filled in the healthcare industry.

Join us as we delve a little deeper into Unitek College, Bakersfield. Picture sunny skies framed by mountainous views…

About the Bakersfield Campus

The Bakersfield campus is located near the Golden State Highway and Stockdale Highway. It’s surrounded by several eateries and destinations, such as the Bakersfield Spa Institute, In-N-Out Burger, Outback Steakhouse, Panda Express, and more.

The campus is approximately 10,350 square feet and offers 4 classrooms, 2 skills labs, 2 computer labs, and a student lounge. It also contains enough administrative offices and staff to adequately support students in their educational pursuits. Though it depends on each program’s schedule, the campus is typically open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays.

Check out these other factoids about the Bakersfield campus and its programs:

Smaller classes. Various classes are capped, which allows each student’s voice to be heard. Smaller class sizes also give teachers more time with each student, enriching the experience for both student and instructor.

Dynamic curriculums. The programs offered at Unitek prepare students by giving them access to healthcare facilities, applied training, and expert instruction. They might also be ideal for those who want to change careers but don’t have the time to spend years in school—all the programs at the Bakersfield campus can be completed in a year or less.

About the City of Bakersfield

Bakersfield City

If you’d like to visit Bakersfield, their official website provides plenty of information about their city, government, residents, businesses, and attractions. For instance, many of their most popular activities can be found in one of the following website sections: festivals, dine, museums, nightlife, river rafting, and outdoors. You can even search for dining places by category and location/neighborhood using this page.

During the holiday season, they wow residents and visitors with a festive Christmas parade in the streets of downtown Bakersfield. In 2018, the theme was “Christmas Around the World.” Approximately 100 entrants adorned the streets of downtown Bakersfield with Christmas-themed floats, light displays, marching bands, drill teams, community groups, and live performances by local youths.

For more information about the sunny city, check out their Wikipedia page or this Trip Advisor article about some of the many attractions in Bakersfield.

Fremont, California

Unitek College Fremont

In 2002, Unitek College began offering healthcare education at the Fremont campus. Soon they offered a Medical Assistant program and, in 2004, they entered the nursing education landscape by establishing a Vocational Nursing program at Fremont. Additionally, in 2010, the U.S. Department of Education approved Unitek Fremont to participate as a Title IV awarding institution.

In many ways, Unitek College began with the Fremont campus. There students will find various programs for the next generation of healthcare professionals. These include classes for aspiring Medical Assistants and Vocational Nurses, two occupations that fill critical roles on the healthcare team.

Explore the Fremont campus with us. Picture blue skies, coastal weather, and mountainous views…

About the Fremont Campus

The Fremont campus is located at 4670 Auto Mall Parkway in Fremont, California. It sits in a safe area of the city with several nearby establishments, such as a performing arts studio, a 24 Hour Fitness, and various eateries. When you take into account the amount of time you will likely spend on campus, these neighboring businesses become especially important, as you may need to purchase food or multitask and run errands.

For example, after class you may want to fit in a workout at 24 Hour Fitness. During a break, you could stop by to a convenience store or a nearby restaurant for a snack before you head back into class. Location and convenience are important aspects to consider when choosing a program.

If you are considering Unitek’s Fremont Medical Assisting Program and you’re wondering what’s around campus, the answer to your question is simple: there are all sorts of useful establishments nearby! The campus is in a fairly quiet part of town, which will minimize distraction and allow you to focus on your coursework.

Unitek’s Fremont campus occupies more than 50,000 square feet, allowing students to utilize 13 classrooms, 10 labs, a library, and a student lounge. Fremont also maintains a reception area and both faculty and administrative offices. Let’s break that down a little more, though! Check out these factoids about the classroom and lab environment:

  • The Fremont campus contains 5 labs—2 skills labs and 3 simulation labs.
  • Each has patient care stations, simulating actual healthcare facility settings.
  • The main skills lab offers a study area for students with tables and chairs, plus cabinets with library books and films.
  • Each lab has storage cabinets for supplies and all necessary equipment such as: IV poles, enteral feeding pumps; blood pressure cuffs, scales; adult and pediatric mannequins; and equipment to practice common nursing care.

And here are some other facts about the Fremont campus:

Morning & night schedule. While it depends on the program, Unitek Fremont is usually open on weekdays from 8:00 am to 10:50 pm. On Saturdays, Fremont may be open for testing by appointment.

Online BSN program. Unitek’s RN-to-BSN distance education program is offered at the Fremont campus. It’s 100% online except for the independent project/practicum included within the program. If you’d like to know more, check out our RN-to-BSN program page here.

About the City of Fremont

Fremont City Limit

As you might imagine, the website for the city of Fremont has abundant information about the area, residents, and visitors. We recommend checking out the “Our Community” tab. It’ll direct you to various helpful sections, such as About Fremont, Attractions, Community Alert System, Community Involvement, Downtown, and Family Resource Center, just to name a few!

There’s also information about destinations like parks, libraries, and schools. When it comes to visiting Fremont, the Attractions section under the Our Community tab is full of ideas…

Why You Should Choose Unitek College

Graduating from a reputable Medical Assistant program is invaluable. Not only does Unitek offer students clinical experiences, but they instill a specialized skillset and help prepare them for the future. Through the Medical Assisting program at Unitek, graduates are often able to find meaningful employment options in physician’s offices, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

Regardless of the campus, Unitek provides Medical Assisting students with the education and clinical experience they’ll need to succeed in all aspects of Medical Assisting – including the clinical and administrative components. Unitek students can also take advantage of the career services team that will help prepare students for the job market.

With career counseling services that include resume and cover letter review, tips on salary negotiation, and a strategy on how to find a position that aligns with your career goals, you will find all kinds of support at Unitek College!

If you are interested in becoming a nurse or a Medical Assistantcontact Unitek College today for more information about classes, current schedules, and opportunities.