Medical Assistant Spotlight The Shining Star Award

Medical Assistant Spotlight: The Shining Star Award

Medical Assistant Spotlight The Shining Star Award

In a recent blog post, we took a look at an exceptional Medical Assistant who builds bridges between MAs and employers. Today, we’re going to shed a light on another inspirational Medical Assistant. Not only does Sherry Bogar support her fellow Medical Assistants, but she helped establish an award to recognize the importance of this incredibly valuable profession.

If you’re not familiar with Medical Assistants, they fill a dynamic role on the healthcare team that includes both administrative and clinical functions. Whenever you visit your doctor, you will likely come across a Medical Assistant—you might see them behind the front desk, in the exam room, or sitting with a patient’s family.

So join us for another segment of the MA spotlight series! Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Sherry Bogar was recently featured in an article by Cathy Cassata. She strives to uplift other Medical Assistants through the Shining Star Award…

Spotlight: Sherry Bogar, CMA

Sherry Bogar saw nurses in her organization receive recognition for their fantastic work, and she sought to give Medical Assistants a form of recognition, too. As she told Cassata, “My organization supports the nationally recognized DAISY Award, which is given by a foundation that recognizes nurses. Medical Assistants aren’t eligible for this, but our work is just as noteworthy.”

With the DAISY program as her guide, Bogar resolved to create the Medical Assistant Shining Star Award at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB Health) in Galveston, Texas. Bogar worked with “an amazing ambulatory liaison nurse” named Jennifer Bledsoe to establish the award. An advocate for MAs, Bledsoe assembled a diverse Medical Assisting council. It was no surprise when Bogar earned the role of chair on the council. Her “15 years of experience and involvement in the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) as both a past president and 2018–2019 vice president of the Texas Society of Medical Assistants” are just some of the achievements she’s accumulated over the years.

Thus, the Shining Star Award was created! It’s presented quarterly to a Medical Assistant who has gone above and beyond by demonstrating exceptional work. In addition to the award, the chosen Medical Assistant receives a star pin and a gift card for scrubs. Diana Martinez was the first recipient of the award. Her supervisor stated the following: “Over the past 18 months, the Breast Health Center has become a multispecialty clinic to include neurosurgery, urology, palliative care, thoracic surgery, and urogynecology. In each instance, Diana has embraced the change and adapted to the dynamic needs of the providers and patients. Her drive to learn more, to be better each day, is a pleasure to experience.”

Though Bogar is thrilled that their efforts have been fruitful, she relayed to Cassata that it wasn’t an easy process. The award was vetted by various people and several groups, such as the Medical Assisting council, the ambulatory retention council, and the ambulatory leadership. Each group had input on changes to both the criteria and the application/nomination process.

“The work paid off. It’s important for Medical Assistants to know their role is recognized,” Bogar told Cassata. “My hope is that every Medical Assistant who hears about this program feels empowered to approach their organization about starting their own recognition program. In a dream world, I’d love this to become a nationally recognized program for Medical Assistants just like the DAISY award is for nurses.”

For more information about this outstanding award, be sure to check out Cathy Cassata’s article on the AAMA website. There you’ll find more amazing stories about inspirational MAs, too!

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