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Medical Assistant Jobs on the Rise

If you are currently getting medical assisting training, you are on the right track. According to a recent report published by the government’s Bureau of Labor and Statistics, medical assistant jobs are growing at an amazing rate.

According to a press release from emailwire.com, “Jobs as a medical assistant will be on the rise according to statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The statistics show that employment of medical assistants should grow 34% FROM 2008 through 2018. According to a spokesperson for http://www.medicalassistantsalarydetails.com this unprecedented growth is much faster than the average of all occupations. The reason for the growth has to do with the aging US population and technological advances in medicine. Major health concerns such as diabetes and obesity will become more prevalent in years to come.

“The spokesperson of http://www.medicalassistantsalarydetails.com goes on to say ‘increasing number of clinics and healthcare facilities are going towards combining administrative and clinical positions into one position. This will become a more common practice in the coming years on a nationwide scale.’ The projection data shows that in 2008 there were 483,600 medical assistants employed in the United States. In 2018, they expect it to be 647,500.”

62% of medical assistants work in physician offices performing administrative and clinical duties varying from scheduling appointments to asking patients for their medical history. “Medical assistant job duties may vary widely depending on the type of work environment, number of employees and volume of patients. In some small offices a medical assistant may be responsible for both administrative and clinical duties, while in hospitals and larger offices, his duties may be more specific,” explains the website medicalasstantsalarydetails.com.

From my experience, medical assistants set the tone for the clinic or hospital since they are the first people that the patients come into contact with. I have a great primary physician and he has hired some great and some not so great MA’s. The ones that are my favorite are competent, friendly, confident and knowledgeable; when I call for an appointment or to get additional paperwork, I always ask for them by name! They also remember my name, my history, and treat me as an individual.

Now is the perfect time to enter the medical field. There are some great nursing programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and you can start the path to a great future today!

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