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Inside the Life of a Medical Assistant

Teddie Wiggins is a certified patient care technician at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center. For him, the job he loves boils down to three things: keeping a schedule, adapting to different environments, and wanting to help people. “I love my job, but most of all I love the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others,” he explained. But what does his job look like day to day?

Keeping a Schedule

We all have one, so what’s the big deal? Well when dozens of essential functions depend on your schedule, and every step needs to be on time and accurately recorded throughout the day, it can be quite a big deal. “My CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) instructor always said, ‘if it is not charted, it is not done,’” Wiggins recalled.

Different Rhythms

Medical Assistants need to be comfortable in the fast-paced and hectic environment of the emergency room, where everything is about speed. But you also may end up in Obstetrics, where taking care of newborns and their mothers, requires a gentler approach. Though Wiggins admittedly prefers the excitement, “I love working in the E.R. because every day is completely different.”

Patience Rewarded

Perhaps the most essential skill to have to be a successful medical assistant is patience. While this is an ongoing challenge, the results are worth the effort. “I often hear from the patients that ‘the smallest gestures are the most appreciated,’” Wiggins explained, “I know that the thanks I get from my patients is the best part of my job, and I love it.”

Source: AOL Jobs