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International Charity Seeks Dental Assistants

Dental Assisting continues to be a rapidly growing career field in the United States, which is one very big reason why we offer the Dental Assisting program at both our Sacramento and Concord campuses. Our goal is to best prepare our students for whatever responsibilities they might be handed the moment they walk into that new office-whether they’re working directly with a dentist or hygienist, managing patients, or any number of other tasks.

The opportunities for Dental Assistants don’t stop at dental offices, however-but before you can take advantage of this suggestion, you’ll want to double check that your passport is good to go.

Global Dental Relief is a non-profit organization that uses volunteers to bring dental care to impoverished children in Africa, Asia, India, and Central America, and they are always on the lookout for volunteers with Dental Assisting training to help out. Think “Doctors Without Borders”, but for teeth.

Currently, Global Dental Relief works with approximate 1,500 volunteers and has served nearly 100,000 children. Dentists and hygienists are obviously in high demand, but the organization also specifically searches for Dental Assistants as well. As a volunteer with Global Dental Relief, your Dental Assisting skills would go to work as you are paired with a dentist or a hygienist and perform a variety of chair-side duties. Patient management, charting, instrument and suction support-these are just a handful of the vital tasks that need done every day.

Your bedside manner (chair-side manner?) will also be put to the test as you work with hundreds of children who may not have seen a dentist or a dentist’s chair in their entire lives. Some will be curious, some will be scared, but all will be lined up for care that could potentially change their lives. You could see anywhere from five hundred to one thousand children a day come through the dental clinic doors, making the potential impact of your work almost impossible to fully appreciate.

There are hundreds of opportunities like Global Dental Relief out there-chances to go beyond the walls of a domestic dental office and use your skills to impact change the world over. Once you’ve completed your Dental Assisting program at Unitek College, the only limit to your potential career opportunities is your imagination.

If you’d like more information on the Unitek College Dental Assisting program, visit us here. And if you have any questions about our program, courses, financial aid, or schedule, just let us know! We have whole teams standing by to help customize your Unitek College experience. Your new career could be just a phone call away… and there’s no telling where in the world it could take you.