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Humble Heroes: Project Honors Nurses

Documentary, book pay tribute to nurses

When director and photographer Carolyn Jones had breast cancer, The New York Times reports, she was so touched by the care she received from her nurses that she decided to pay tribute to the profession. The result is The American Nurse Project, which “aims to elevate the voice of nurses in this country by capturing their personal stories through photography and film.”

Jones began the project in 2012, journeying across the country with her team to collect photographs and narratives that might, according to the project’s website, “inspire audiences to think about nurses in a way that they may never have before, with a newfound appreciation for this indispensable figure on the front lines of health and healthcare today.”

The documentary, which The New York Times called “elegantly clear-eyed,” premiered to sold-out crowds during National Nurses’ week in May and is now available to buy, download, or rent in digital format. (Any nurse who watches the film, in theaters or online, can get CE credits through Nurse.com.) The film follows five nurses from the book along with their patients: Tonia Faust with maximum-security prison inmates; Jason Short with home health patients in Appalachia; Brian McMillion with soldiers returning from war; Naomi Cross with mothers giving birth; and Sister Stephen with nursing home patients at the end of life.

View the trailer at http://americannurseproject.com/film-trailer/. But keep a box of tissues nearby: the Times warns that “tears are almost inevitable.”