How Magnet-Recognized Organizations Attract Excellent Nurses

How Magnet-Recognized Organizations Attract Excellent Nurses

How Magnet-Recognized Organizations Attract Excellent Nurses

If you’re not familiar with Magnet Recognition®, this is a designation awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). According to American Nurse Today, it’s the “highest and most prestigious distinction a healthcare organization can receive for nursing excellence and high-quality patient care. With only 8% of U.S. hospitals earning the Magnet designation, it’s clearly the gold standard.”

This coveted status helps empower nurses to reach their potential. An article at further explains that the designation affords an organization more than just external prestige. It sheds a light on the organization’s true appreciation for nurses and their invaluable potential to instigate change.

When healthcare organizations nurture the model environment for nursing talent, the entire organization has the opportunity to reap many rewards…

How Magnet Status Benefits Nurses

According to, the Magnet Recognition Program® “provides a roadmap to advance nursing excellence, with contented staff at its core. Optimum job satisfaction results in lower nurse attrition and an improved patient experience.” In order to draw some of the best nursing talent, Magnet-designated organizations “embody a collaborative culture, where nurses are valued as integral partners in the patient’s safe passage through their healthcare experiences.”

Such organizations invest in nursing education and development. Ultimately, they strive to support nurses in their chosen career path and consistently focus on shared respect, autonomy, and values. The article at also cites the below as some outcomes that Magnet organizations enjoy:

  • Lower nurse dissatisfaction and nurse burnout
  • Higher nurse job satisfaction
  • Lower Registered Nurse (RN) turnover

How Magnet Status Benefits Patients

The happiness and successful working environment of nurses can directly impact the standard of care for patients. When a healthcare organization attains Magnet designation, it pledges to not only support nurses but deliver high-quality care. As states, “This is not only evident in decreased mortality rates and shorter hospital stays, but in the experience of every patient who walks through a Magnet organization’s doors.”

They list the following outcomes as ones that have been produced by Magnet-recognized organizations:

Quality and Safety

  • Higher adoption of National Quality Forum safe practices
  • Lower overall missed nursing care
  • Higher support for evidence-based practice implementation
  • Higher nurse-perceived quality of care
  • Higher patient ratings of their hospital experience

Patient Outcomes

  • Lower mortality rates
  • Lower patient fall rates
  • Lower nosocomial infections
  • Lower hospital-acquired pressure ulcer rates
  • Lower central line-associated bloodstream infection rates

Without a doubt, the Magnet designation highlights an organization’s commitment to supporting nurses and meeting impeccable patient standards. Learn more about this golden status here!

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