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Healthcare Jobs Strong; Even In Fears of Recession

With a degree in nursing, Elsa Mendoza didn’t have to look far for a job. After receiving her degree in nursing from Unitek College in 2007, the 25-year-old Elsa applied for positions at four local hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area; (Kaiser, Stanford Hospital, El Camino Hospital, and Good Samaritan). Elsa soon received four job offers from all four hospitals. Within a short period of time Elsa was earning an annual income of more than $65,000 and only working four days a week.

As the fears of recession build up, employees begin to worry about their future, fortunately nursing jobs are one of the five healthcare careers that are recession proof according to Yahoo.

“As long as people continue to get sick, there will be a need for nurses. Nurses perform perhaps the most critical role of all–they save lives and prevent illness. And with demographic shifts putting extra strain on the health care system, nurses are experiencing unprecedented demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts nearly 30 percent growth in nursing jobs through 2014, the second largest increase of any occupation.”

Did your profession make the top five recession proof careers?