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4 Free Study Apps to Stay on Track

Every waking moment, something is clamoring for attention, and usually that something has a battery attached. Big screen, small screen, or mobile screen, it doesn’t matter-when you’re trying to study, there are a hundred digital distractions, push notifications, dings, and feeds trying to pull you away. But sometimes, that power can be harnessed for good… well, the good of your grades, anyway. This week, we’ve put together a list of some of the study apps that grabbed our attention, and because every dollar counts when you’re in college, we looked exclusively at the “free” options.

  1. Flashcards+ (By Chegg) – So much of nailing that good grade simply comes down to remembering all the new information you’ve been given, so naturally, a flash card app goes to the top of our list. There are lots of flashcard apps out there, but we liked this one because it was clean and easy to use, it allows you to share content around your study group, you can add images to the cards, and the shuffle feature helps mix things up a bit so you really have to know your stuff. This one also lets you keep track of the cards you’re struggling with, so you can focus primarily on those and not on the data you’ve already mastered.
  2. Evernote – Aside from memorization, organization is one of the skills most likely to bump up those test scores. For that reason, we like Evernote, an app that puts all your notes into one easy to read format. Notes from class, to-do lists for your assignments, snapshots of the whiteboard so you don’t have to write everything down… you name it, this app organizes it. And it lets you connect with other users, so you can grab those notes from the class you missed.
  3. Dragon Dictation – It’s hard to find a really great dictation app, but Dragon Dictation lands solidly in the “pretty decent” category. Like any similar app (or like Siri, for that matter), there are plenty of nuances and bugs to work around. And if you have a heavy accent, well… g’day, mate. But for the most part, this is an app that, quite simply, writes down everything you say. Use it to convert your handwritten notes to an electronic file without needing to type everything, or keep it handy at the gym in case you think of a great thought for your paper between sets.
  4. ISTUDIEZ LITE – Here’s an app designed to keep your study schedule, class schedule, work schedule, and personal life from getting too jumbled and overwhelming. While it takes a good half-hour or so to input all your different schedules, the end result is an easy-to-use breakdown of everything filling your day. Use it to carve out much needed study time for specific subjects, keep track of assignments, or-and we love this part-find those priceless windows of free time to give your brain a break. There’s also ISTUDIEZ PRO if you want to shell out $2.99, but for the sake of this list, we’re sticking to the free version.