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Education Makes Medical Assistants Essential

Did you know there’s a Medical Assistants Recognition week? For good reason: medical assistants are becoming an increasingly valuable part of the medical community. From handling sensitive patient information to drawing blood, they have to be adaptable and knowledgeable in a several areas.

“Medical assistants are essential for an office medical practice in today’s world,” said Dr. Paul Hobbs of Tahlequah Medical Group. “They are specially trained to make our jobs easier.”

For Amber Camp, who works with Dr. Hobbs, you have to be flexible and like helping people. “It’s important to have good people skills,” she said. “More often than not, the people you deal with aren’t feeling well, and may not be on their best behavior. You have to be pleasant, and do your best to put them at ease. You can’t be squeamish, either. This isn’t a job for you if bodily fluids bug you.”

Like doctors, medical assistants can focus on an area and receive special training in areas like podiatry, orthopedics or ophthalmology. All medical assistants receive on-the-job training, but to advance to other fields or as a medical assistant, formal training is critical.

Camp understands the importance of education, “There is so much you have to learn, including testing, lab results, etc., and it’s important you have a working knowledge of these things.” The bottom line according to Camp? “Get an education.”

Source: Tahlequah Daily Press