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More Education + More Experience = More Money

Let’s do the math: more education plus more experience equals more money. There’s no surprise there. Those who are in anursing program are getting a head start as they build their experience requirements for their future resumes.

On NurseZone.com, Debra Wood, RN and contributor, details how nurse salaries vary depending on experience and education levels from state to state. It’s surprising to see that California nurses’ income increased while other states saw a drop. “Nurses in California reported to the publication’s online survey earning the most, $90,815 annually, on average, up from $86,786 in 2010, while those nurses working in Nebraska bring home the least, $50,541 annually, down from $55,040 in 2010.”

Outside of California, newer nurses also saw their starting wages lower than in the past few years. “Many of those newer nurses who have secured jobs are earning less per hour than in the past, according to the Advance survey. Nurses with five or fewer years of experience lost ground in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas, reporting that they are earning more than $1 less per hour this year, compared to 2010, $22.10 vs. $23.41.”

As mentioned in prior posts, one big factor towards the current nursing shortage is the lack of faculty to train nursing students. Of course nurses love to work with patients and have a heart for their particular field, but the difference in pay between being a nurse in education verses a nurse in the field is quite large. In some states, there is a $20,000 difference.

As with any other career, the reasons are obvious why higher education and experience are desired by employers. Hospitals also have the added pressure to receive or maintain Magnet status. “Magnet status is an award given by the American Nurses’ Credentialing Center (ANCC), an affiliate of the American Nurses Association, to hospitals that satisfy a set of criteria designed to measure the strength and quality of their nursing. A Magnet hospital is stated to be one where nursing delivers excellent patient outcomes, where nurses have a high level of job satisfaction, and where there is a low staff nurse turnover rate and appropriate grievance resolution,” explains nursingadvocacy.org.

Some professors “encourage nurses interested in pursuing an advanced degree not to wait before starting those studies. They can practice part time for experience, while attending graduate school.”
All nurses have to start somewhere, and there are great LVN to RN programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Start furthering your education and experience today!

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