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More Cutbacks Affect Health Care

We all seem to be feeling the pinch of the economic crisis that is facing our country. The continual government cutbacks are making budgets even tighter and it seems like there isn’t much more to eliminate. The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors is busy making some tough decisions regarding health care, and nursing students will be feeling the pinch when they enter the health field.

How is it that I seem to be paying more in taxes and getting less for my money? I can’t answer that, but the Burlingame.patch.com website tries to explain budget cuts that will be affecting those in San Mateo County. It was reported that, “The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Monday afternoon continued its first day of 2011-12 budget hearings by considering a range of proposed cuts and service reductions to the county health system.

“The recommended cuts to the health department total more than $9.6 million, according to County Manager David Boesch, and include reductions in funding to the Mental Assessment and Referral Program, the Multipurpose Senior Services Program, and a range of health programs that serve low-income and at-risk children.”

I know not everyone reading this lives in San Mateo County, but this seems to be a common trend that I keep reading about: budget cuts to the elderly and at-risk children. I try not to voice my personal opinion in these posts, but I can’t help it; it seems like the government should help those who absolutely cannot help themselves. (And I know of a lot of agencies that waste money but I won’t get myself in a pickle discussing them. This is about health care, afterall…)

The article continues to state that “Health System Chief Jean Fraser said the reductions to children’s services were unavoidable because of cutbacks in adult services programs that were made in last year’s budget.

“’Honestly, we just don’t have a choice,’ Fraser said. ‘We have to cut some kids’ services.’

“About two dozen San Mateo County nurses protested outside the government center in Redwood City over proposed Health System cuts, which participants said would threaten the county’s underserved and at-risk communities.

“’When you cut too much, you shoot yourself in the foot,’ San Mateo Medical Center staff nurse Peter Zych said.”

Well, apparently our society is going to walk with a limp.

As a 2-Stage ADN, I’m sure you’re already seeing how cutbacks are affecting nurses and the environment that they are working in. It will be interesting to see what the future holds…

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