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Colleges Not Producing Enough Health Care Workers

It seems like every week Google posts a news report saying that there is a huge shortage of health care workers. This week is no different as a survey covered by MercuryNews.com was posted.
According to reporter Neil Gonzales, “community colleges statewide are unable to produce enough of these professionals — who include nursing aides, respiratory therapists and medical assisting — largely because of inadequate funding… The survey involved college deans across California, including those from Peninsula and South Bay schools Cañada, Skyline College in San Bruno, De Anza College in Cupertino, West Valley College in Saratoga and San Jose City College.”
With many schools, the problem lies within budget cuts; there is a long waiting list for students to enter into health care programs, but colleges are unable to hire more professors and add classes due to the lack of finances. Gonzales also relates that, “limited classroom space and the inability to hire instructors given severe budget constraints in recent years, the survey indicated. Another issue is a lack of clinical space where students can experience hands-on training at a hospital or other medical site to finish their coursework, the survey said.”
There are several reasons why these programs are impacted. The first is that the success rate of graduating and finding a job is highly plausible. The second is that the pay in the health industry is competitive.
“Colleges have teamed up with medical employers and other groups to improve students’ access to clinical work, deans said, but more of those partnerships are needed,” commented Gonzales. “If the health-care community wants to increase students in (allied health), they have to step up and say, ‘We need your graduates, and we can train them,'” Janet Stringer, dean of science and technology at Cañada said.
“But Stephanie Sherman, dean of biology, health and environmental sciences at De Anza, said there’s enough of that collaboration going on, and what’s really called for is additional funding — something unlikely to happen given the $400 million in cuts proposed in the state budget for community colleges in the 2011-12 fiscal year,” quotes Gonzales.
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