The Danger of Stress in Young Patients

The Danger of Stress in Young Patients

A wide range of patients with a wide range of health problem walk through the doors of your hospital or clinic every day, and of that wide range of health problems, it’s amazing how many may be traced back to stress. High amounts of stress have been found to cause heart issues, digestive issues, breathing […]

In Harm’s Way: Nurses Fight Back Against California Wildfires

In Harm’s Way: Nurses Fight Back Against California Wildfires

California is no stranger to wildfires, but this year has been tougher than most. October saw over $9 billion in damage to Northern California as fire raged over 245,000 acres, and this month’s wildfires in Southern California are keeping pace. As of today, over 181,000 acres have been consumed, with over 210,000 residents forced from […]

Nursing jobs on a cruise ships

Could A Cruise Ship Be Your Next Nursing Job?

Most people (with the exception of sailors and entertainers) don’t think “full-time job” when they hear the words “cruise ship”. Most of us think of a cruise as a getaway, our chance to leave work and worries behind for an all-inclusive, buffet-filled vacation at sea. But running a cruise ship takes a lot of manpower […]

Protecting Your Patient

Protecting Your Patient: What We Learned From Nurse Alex Wubbels

It’s a video that swept across the social media pages of nurses and non-nurses alike: a Utah nurse roughly put in handcuffs and arrested for refusing to follow the orders of a police officer. And not only is the story sparking outrage nationwide, it’s also highlighting just how important it is for nurses to know […]

gas gauge on empty

One Good Turn Deserves Another

Nurses can make unforgettable differences in other people’s lives, but even nurses need a helping hand sometimes, and in those stories, it’s the nurse that experiences something unforgettable.

Unitek College logo

Unitek College Reports Stellar Vocational Nursing Program NCLEX Passing Scores

Fremont, CA (March 28, 2013) – Unitek College is pleased to announce its Vocational Nursing Training program reported the highest aggregate NCLEX passing rates among all private for-profit institutions in the Bay Area.* The 91.21% passing rate of the Fremont campus marks the third consecutive year it has achieved the highest NCLEX passing rate in […]