Twilight in San Diego, California

The 25 Highest Paying Cities for Nurses in 2021

These U.S. Cities Pay Registered Nurses the Highest Salaries Based on Cost of Living Nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs in the healthcare industry. As a career, it offers stability, great pay, and personal fulfillment. In fact, many nurses consider their profession to be a calling rather than a job. Those who enter […]

Patricia Grace Martinez

Voices from the Frontlines: Patricia Grace Martinez

How one Director of Nursing has been an incredible source of strength during the pandemic As a Director of Nursing in California, Patricia Grace Martinez empowers nurses while improving outcomes for both staff and residents. She provides stable leadership, engages in decision-making, and takes accountability for their practice. Some of Patricia Grace’s biggest challenges revolve […]

Giselle Loi at work

Voices from the Frontlines: Giselle Loi

How one Registered Nurse helps protect her community during the pandemic Giselle Loi works as an RN in San Francisco, one of the hardest hit epicenters of the U.S. Coronavirus pandemic. Registered Nurses like Giselle must provide triage, physicals, immunizations, and return-to-work clearances on a daily basis. A typical day in her life includes telehealth […]

Jeannevy Belarde

Voices from the Frontlines: Jeannevy Belarde

How one Director of Nursing supports her staff and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic As a Director of Nursing in Hayward, California, Jeannevy Belarde works tirelessly to address the needs of her staff while enforcing the policies and procedures of her facility. In times of crisis, leaders like Jeannevy must also shoulder extra responsibilities to […]

Maria Audry P.

Voices from the Frontlines: Maria Audry P.

How one Admissions Director puts others before self during a pandemic In San Francisco, California, Maria Audry works as an Admissions Director for a post-acute rehabilitation center. It’s her job to welcome new residents while assisting them with the admission process. While her typical day includes reviewing hospital referrals for new patients entering her facility, […]

Luciano Virgilio

Voices from the Frontlines: Luciano Virgilio

How one Registered Nurse perseveres while battling the COVID-19 pandemic As an ICU Registered Nurse (RN) in San Leandro, California, Luciano Virgilio has been on the frontlines of the pandemic. Assessment and implementation of care are the most important responsibilities of an ICU RN. From the start of each shift, Luciano thinks of patient assessment […]