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California, Bay Area do Right by Medical Assistants

Outside out of Fairbanks, Alaska, the highest paying metropolitan region for medical assistants is the San Francisco-San Mateo region according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Opportunities for medical assistants, who aid in almost every administrative and clinical duty for a variety of health practitioners, are growing rapidly according to the BLS, which predicts a 31 percent increase in jobs from 2010 to 2020 nationwide. California is the state with the largest number of medical assistants in the country, both overall and per capita, and will account for much of the growth during this decade.

Interestingly, while physician’s offices and hospitals employee the most medical assistants, nationwide, the highest paying industry is scientific research and development. If you are lucky enough to work as a medical assistant in this field you can expect to make nearly 25 percent more than those who work in doctor’s offices. Other high paying industries included dentistry and insurance agencies.

No matter how you slice the statistics, employment opportunities across California for medical assistants are prevalent. Wages in the state compare favorable when compared to the country, The need for medical assistants is here to stay, and California is a great place to be one.

Source: The Bureau of Labor Statistics