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California, Bay Area Does Right by Medical Assistants

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), one of the highest-paying metropolitan regions for Medical Assistants—outside of Fairbanks, Alaska—is the San Francisco-San Mateo region.1

Data collected by the BLS indicates that opportunities for Medical Assistants are growing rapidly. In fact, they predict a 29 percent increase in jobs from 2016 to 2026 nationwide. California is currently one of the states with the largest number of Medical Assistants in the U.S., both overall and per capita, and may account for much of the growth during this decade. Several other states feature high levels of employment for Medical Assistants, such as Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York.2

Currently, top-paying industries for this occupation include the following: junior colleges; rental and leasing services; medical and diagnostic laboratories; and colleges, universities, and professional schools.2 Other high-paying industries can include dentistry and insurance agencies.

No matter how you slice the statistics, employment opportunities across California are prevalent for Medical Assistants. Wages in the state compare favorably when compared to the country, and the need for Medical Assistants only continues to grow.

The Medical Assistant Program at Unitek

In case you’re not familiar with Unitek College, we are an accredited, private institution that offers various healthcare programs. Among others, these programs include Medical Assisting and Vocational Nursing. While some of our programs have computer-based components, they also utilize hands-on exercises and training simulations.

The Medical Assistant program provides students with the knowledge, skillset, and support they’ll need to succeed in the field. Not only are the Medical Assistant courses comprehensive, but they include both clinical and administrative training. At Unitek, you can complete your Medical Assistant training in as little as 9 months.

Additionally, in the MA program, students receive a combination of expert instruction, simulation training, and 160 hours of real-world experience with a supervised externship. The courses also place an emphasis on key attributes in the workplace, including teamwork, communication, and professional behavior.

Capabilities of Successful MA Graduates

The primary goal of our MA program is to prepare graduates for entry-level employment as Medical Assistants. Successful graduates will be able to perform various administrative functions in the field. These include duties like answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, greeting patients, maintaining patient charts, replenishing supplies, handling bookkeeping tasks, and arranging for hospital admission as well as laboratory services.

Additionally, graduates will be ready to perform clinical duties. For instance, they can call in prescriptions to a pharmacy, collect laboratory specimens, disinfect medical instruments, prep patients for x-rays, take electrocardiograms, remove sutures, and much more. Without a doubt, Medical Assistants fill several roles in healthcare.

Not only is Unitek’s Medical Assisting program a great step in your career path, but it can also provide you with rich experiences and various networking opportunities. Without a doubt, completing a Medical Assistant program is a great step toward gaining employment and changing your future. If you’re looking for Medical Assistant schools, we hope you’ll consider Unitek College and all we have to offer.

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1 Source: The Bureau of Labor Statistics

2 https://www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes319092.htm

This content is based on a Unitek blog post originally published on February 28, 2013.