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Unlicensed Los Angeles Nursing School Ordered Closed and Required to Pay $500,000 in Restitution

An unlicensed nursing school operating out of downtown Los Angeles was closed and ordered to pay $500,000 in restitution to the hundreds of victims who enrolled in the fraudulent operation, reported California Attorney General Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown Jr. in a press release issued on Aug. 11.

According to the Attorney General’s report, the RN Learning Center collected $20,000 tuition fees from nearly 300 students for a falsely-advertised “fast-track program for earning a bachelor of science degree in nursing.” Participating students were mislead to believe they could earn their degrees in less than two years.

Attorney General Brown described the school’s criminal actions and the subsequent decision by the state to close the fraudulent institution immediately.

“By creating the illusion it was training future registered nurses,” Brown said, “the school destroyed the aspirations of hundreds of students who also lost thousands of dollars in wasted tuition. The school will shut its doors today and pay back its former students as fully as it can.”

The unlicensed operation was owned and operated by Junelou Chalico Enterina. Under the terms of the settlement negotiated by the Office of the Attorney General on behalf of the state’s Board of Registered Nursing, Enterina was forced to close the RN Learning Center and pay defrauded students restitution totaling $500,000. He is also prevented from operating any future nursing schools in the state.

The actions against the RN Learning Center’s illegal operation began as an investigation by the California Board of Registered Nursing in 2007. The center never applied with the agency to receive its state-mandated education credentials. As a result, the school was ordered closed three years ago by the state’s nursing board.

Despite the investigation and orders from the state board, the RL Learning Center remained in business and continued to target students, particularly Filipino-Americans already working in the healthcare industry. Students took courses in nursing-relevant areas of study like microbiology and anatomy. They even participated in a month of clinical study at hospitals and prisons in the Philippines.

Since the RN Learning Center is unlicensed, its students are not qualified to take the National Council Licensing Examination required in order to work as licensed registered nurses. In addition, none of the classes they completed will count toward a nursing degree at a legitimate education institution.

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