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Our New Ally In The Battle Against Cancer May Be Zika

There’s an old adage that says “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, and it looks as if that saying may have found a new application in modern medicine. Just one year ago, the Zika Virus dominated the headlines, spreading anxiety and panic across the country—especially among pregnant mothers. The virus, known for causing […]

Nurses Face Off Against Hurricane Harvey

It’s been days since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, and he’s still causing trouble. The storm has claimed two lives so far and continues to dump inches of water into east Texas—sending the residents of flood-prone cities like Houston scrambling for higher ground. But evacuation isn’t a simple task, and not everyone is able […]

A Host Of Cures, One Electrical Shock Away

It’s an iconic scene from all Dr. Frankenstein movies and books. A doctor, emboldened by his passion for science, cackles as a bolt of lightning delivers an electrical charge that brings his creation to life. Back in reality, we may not be zapping monsters into existence, but what we can now do with a single […]