Adult Student Wearing Headphones in the middle of a Library

14 Facts About Fremont and Unitek’s Medical Assisting Program

When considering a school for Medical Assistants, it can be difficult to not only pick the right institution but the right area as well. At Unitek College, the Medical Assisting program enables students to take charge of their future without spending years in school. Although the MA program is offered at all of our campuses, today we are going to focus on our sunny Fremont Campus.

To give you as much information as possible, we’ve created a list that will alternate between our MA program and the city of Fremont. Keep reading to learn some interesting yet helpful facts!

Adult Student Wearing Headphones in the middle of a Library

1. MA: Our Medical Assistant program provides students with access to healthcare facilities, simulation training, and professional instruction. If you’re searching for a comprehensive yet efficient program, you can receive Medical Assistant training at Unitek in as little as 9 months.

2. Fremont: According to a blog post by The Crazy Tourist, Fremont sits in historic Alameda County and is located a mere 7 miles from the San Francisco Bay. Among Fremont’s many attractions are museums, landmarks, and historic buildings.

3. MA: At Unitek’s Fremont Campus, you’ll find that our MA program includes a diverse educational approach. We utilize a combination of expert lectures, hands-on exercises, and a 160-hour supervised externship.

4. Fremont: Another tidbit from The Crazy Tourist focuses on the origins of Fremont. Settlers founded the city in the 1840s when they traveled to the area and created a network of railroads. According to The Crazy Tourist, Fremont is “known for the Bay Area Rapid Transport System which ferries residents all over the region and into neighboring San Francisco.”

5. MA: Unitek College offers flexible schedules for Fremont’s Medical Assisting program. Students can choose to enroll in morning classes, midday classes, or evening classes. So if you’re looking for AM and PM schedules, you’ve come to the right place!

6. Fremont: The Crazy Tourist has noted Fremont’s influence on Hollywood. This is largely due to the fact that Fremont was one of the first communities to produce movies in California. Before Hollywood became known as the center of the U.S. film industry, Fremont was the go-to place for silent films and movie productions.

7. MA: Regarding size, the Fremont Campus occupies approximately 50,000 square feet square feet at 4670 Auto Mall Parkway. It contains 13 classrooms, 10 labs, and an extensive library. Along with other students, Medical Assisting students will have access to a snazzy lounge.

8. Fremont: After class, you may find yourself feeling famished! In Fremont, you will discover an abundance of Indian cuisine—more than 25 restaurants and shops, in fact. There are plenty of places to satisfy your sweet tooth as well. According to a blog post by The Net Lender, “Vasy’s is Fremont’s local spot for donuts that are freshly baked and monstrous. Move over Krispy Kreme!”

9. MA: Not only does the Fremont Campus have an accessible and well-maintained location, but it has been previously recognized as a “School of Excellence” by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).1 If you’ve been searching for an excellent school for Medical Assistants, we urge you to consider the MA program at our Fremont Campus.

10. Fremont: The Net Lender recommends several attractions in Fremont. For instance, while it may be a rigorous climb to the top at Mission Peak, they relay that it’s worth it for a spectacular view of “the entire Silicon Valley.”

11. MA: At Unitek, our Medical Assistant courses include the following:

  • Introduction to Medical Assisting & Medical Law
  • Pharmacology, Medication Administration, Diagnostic Imaging
  • Patient Assessment, Cardio-Pulmonary, Gastroenterology
  • Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat, Nervous System
  • Stages of Life: Pediatrics, Ob/Gyn, Geriatrics
  • Computerized Medical Assisting
  • First Aid, Emergencies, Behavior in Acute Situations
  • The Medical Assisting Externship

12. Fremont: According to The Net Lender, Fremont is “the fourth largest city in the Bay area.” It’s known for places like the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum, Old Mission San Jose, Niles Canyon Railway, Ardenwood Historic Farm, Coyote Hills Regional Park, and much more.

13. MA: The ultimate goal of Unitek’s MA program is to prepare graduates for entry-level employment. Successful graduates will perform various administrative and clinical duties while on the job. Since Medical Assistants essentially fill two roles, it’s important that they are knowledgeable in both areas.

Administrative functions include tasks like scheduling appointments, updating patient charts, replenishing supplies, managing billing-related tasks, and coordinating hospital admission or laboratory services. Clinical duties may include preparing laboratory specimens, sterilizing medical instruments, readying patients for x-rays, taking electrocardiograms, removing sutures, and changing dressings.

14. Fremont: In The Net Lender’s list of interesting facts about Fremont, they relay that the holidays bring “colorful Christmas lights all over the Niles Canyon Railway.”

While it can be difficult to select a school for Medical Assistants, we hope this list has been helpful and informative. For more information about Unitek’s Medical Assistant program—and our Fremont Campus!—please don’t hesitate to contact us at 888-775-1514.