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$100 Million in Health Care Grants to Communities – How Will LVNs Be Affected?

I read an article posted today on NurseZone.com about how the government is going to provide $100 million in grant monies to help communities treat chronic conditions. Its supposed goal is to educate people on health issues before their conditions become a greater issue. How will this affect LVN students and the health care industry?

Warning! Here comes my true opinion: This is ridiculous! I guarantee that the majority of these people who the government wants to “educate” about diabetes and heart disease already know that eating right and exercise could reduce these health hazards. It is seriously going to take $100 million to tell these people the obvious? We’re cutting government spending in local schools and colleges for this reason?

Maybe this will provide more jobs in the health care profession for a limited amount of time, but raising taxes for a goal that is going to have a minimal impact is absurd. Once the money is gone the jobs will be, too.

“Community Transformation Grants will empower local communities with resources, information, and flexibility to help make their residents healthier,” said HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. “By helping to transform communities at the ground level, these efforts can have a major impact on the health of Americans.”

“It is critical that we sustain our work to develop and spread effective programs that address leading killers like heart disease, cancer, and stroke,” said Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which oversees the Community Transformation Grants program. “These funds will allow us to build on successful programs that have helped people lead healthier lifestyles and help us save millions in health care costs in the future.”

So let me get this right: our government has no money and yet they’re spending a ton to tell people to eat right but our taxes are high to pay for these programs which causes healthy food to be too expensive to buy and so the only thing we can afford is fast food. Not to mention that schools are cutting athletic programs due to budget cuts so we’re training our kids to be lazy. Did I get this right?

So what does this have to do with LVN students in the San Francisco Bay Area? If you vote, pay taxes and plan on working in the health care industry, this has to deal with you! This is going to influence what future patients you may have, how the hospital you work for runs on limited income and increased patient loads and how much you are able to make in your paycheck.

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