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10 Ways to Look Like You Have it All Together Part I

Have you ever seen the nurse who walks into work with her hair all in place, her scrubs unfaded and without wrinkles and a genuine smile plastered on her face? Don’t you just hate her? Well, now you can be her with these helpful tips.

As an LVN to RN nursing student, you have a lot going on in your life. Cynthia Dusseault on ScrubsMag.com has a few suggestions to help make life run smoother and you can be the envy of all your co-workers.
1) Plan ahead – Get your lunch, scrubs, gas for your car, etc. ready the night before. (I know, isn’t this what your mom told you to do before school? Well, she was right!)

2) Make a to-do list – Put your thoughts on paper so they won’t get jumbled or lost in your head. Also, is there anything more glorious than crossing off items on a list?

3) Run errands on the way home – Get stuff done on your way home so you don’t have to go back out. Dusseault recommends doing some on the way to work, but that stresses me out. What if there is a traffic jam, an old lady paying with a purse full of pennies or a new cashier? I can’t handle the unknowns!

4) As soon as you get to work, stock your pockets with things you use the most. – I thought my husband came up with this one! As a nurse, he always looks for scrub pants with the most pockets (and I tend to sew those pocket seams about every month with the loot that he keeps in there.) From handfuls of gloves to a ring full of keys, it helps to have the goods on you instead of running back and forth.

5) Take notes during report and keep them in your pocket. – Who doesn’t need a cheat sheet every now and then? And let’s face it: we’re all getting older and our memories aren’t what they used to be!

Tune in Thursday for part two of this fascinating topic! When you’re in an LVN to RN program, you have a lot of things pulling on you, but organization and planning ahead can make it look like you have everything under control.

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