WellConnect - Committed To Your Success

WellConnect is a confidential program that provides professional assistance and valuable resources to help resolve issues that interfere with your school success. WellConnect provides you with a team of professional staff who have training and expertise in a wide range of topics to help you balance your life. A specialist can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day, every single day, including holidays and weekends. The services have been prepaid by Unitek College, so there is no additional cost to you for using it.

Three Students

WellConnect Features

  • 24/7, telephone access to counselors
  • Assistance with daily living needs, including coordination of local resources and financial/legal consultation
  • Face-to-face counseling to resolve family and emotional problems
  • Internet-based self-help tools

Call 1-866-640-4777 for free, confidential, 24/7 assistance.

Student Success Stories

Jennyvi’s Story

I am a Medical Assisting student at Unitek College and needed to get a lot of immunizations before I could be cleared to go to an externship. Since I don't have any health insurance, I was worried about the costs of the immunizations. My instructor encouraged me to contact Student Resource Services, and they were able to arrange all the immunizations for me FOR FREE! I am so glad I listened to my instructor and reached out to Student Resource Services. They took a big burden off my mind, and I will not hesitate to contact them for help in the future too. I wish other students could know what a great resource this is.

Maria's Story

Sometimes pride gets in the way of our admitting that we need help or have a problem at all to be addressed. This is the biggest barrier to getting help. Admitting is the first step in any process or situation that needs to be fixed. If you don't admit to a problem then there is nothing to fix.

How can we help you?

Stressed? Just call to talk. A professional will discuss whatever is on your mind. They're here around-the-clock to listen to you and help find solutions.
Housing Are you worried about rent money? Have you received an eviction notice? Are you having roommate troubles? We can help you find housing or refer you to agencies that focus on housing assistance.
Financial Do you need a budget or are you having trouble making ends meet? We provide assistance with referrals to agencies that might be able to assist with rent, utilities, and food. There are also agencies to work with you on credit card debt issues and budgeting.
Healthcare Are you struggling with health issues because you do not have insurance? We can help locate medical and dental services on a sliding fee scale. We can also help in finding a program that may offer prescriptions at a reduced rate.
Transportation Are you having trouble getting to school? We will assist in locating public transportation, rideshare programs, or agencies that may be able to provide funds for car repair.
Childcare Has your childcare fallen through? Student Resource Services can assist in locating information on local housing options and subsidized childcare agencies.
Legal Assistance Do you have child custody, divorce, domestic violence, or other legal issues? We provide a free legal consultation over the phone with an attorney and, when needed, a referral to a local attorney at a reduced rate.

Do you still have questions about Student Resource Services or are you having trouble accessing our portal, please contact your admissions representative for assistance.