Pharmacy Technician Program Alumni Recounts His Success

Pharmacy Technician Training

Success in Internships and Employment

Thuy Huynh is a man of many hats, but none fit him quite so well as his certification as a Pharmacy Technician. Born in Vietnam and raised in the South Bay, California, Thuy has walked different paths in his search for a career which started as a degree in kinesiology (specialization Athletic Training), Information Technology during the dotcom boom, and before beginning his training at Unitek College, Thuy worked in Real Estate. When asked why he chose to train as Pharmacy Technician at Unitek College he replies, "I had a friend at Unitek College in the Medical Assisting program who referred me. I've always been interested in pharmaceuticals since partaking in Magnet program in high school."

The biggest challenge for Thuy was overcoming his fear of the board test, where proper preparation is key. This wasn't too difficult to manage, as he felt inspired by his instructor Dante. "He made you want it," he exclaims. Dante's attentive teaching style made Thuy feel that he was aptly prepared for the exam. And nothing is better proof of his claim than his current employment at the in-patient pharmacy at UCSF a mere 6 weeks after his graduation. He also credits his success to a confident group of classmates, and that their interaction during his training made him feel comfortable. Ultimately, this created an easier training environment where he could focus on the task at-hand. Thuy looked forward to his externship at Kaiser Permanente and is sensitive to the nervousness that potential students feel while facing this training requirement, but wants students to know that "After the first week, it gets easier. Don't feel overwhelmed."

For anyone out there who is on the fence about whether or not they should pursue healthcare training, Thuy points out a the less than obvious benefit; developing social skills. In a fast-paced healthcare environment, you are continuously interacting with the general public and dealing with people becomes effortless. He also was a fan of Unitek College's circular training; meaning, you can enter the program when you're ready, and your lessons come full circle-- you create your own start time.

Thuy is extremely satisfied with the direction his career has taken, and is happy living in San Francisco. He feels that his Pharmacy Technician training at Unitek College has opened the door to a whole different world full of diversity. And while he has no current plans to continue his education, his adaptive personality may see him to Pharmacy school in the future.

Gainful Employment disclosure related to this program can be read in our Pharmacy Technician Program Gainful Employment Disclosure page.