Have You Ever Thought of a Pharmacy Technician Career?

Is the Pharmacy Technician Certification a Requirement?

What are the Advantages of Being Certified?

Pharmacy Technicians are skilled individuals who assist licensed pharmacists in providing health care and medication to a wide cross section of patients.

Previously a lot of Pharmacist’s Assistants were given informal training but there has been a huge increase in formal training being offered by a variety of sources. The training entails learning medications, what they are used for, and the doses a patient should have. Such training can be obtained at vocational schools like Unitek College. The possibilities within a Pharmacy Technician career are great as the medical world is gaining an increased workload from the growing number of senior citizens.

A lot of pharmacist’s are requiring people with Pharmacy Tech certification as they can give a Pharmacy Technician more responsibility on daily tasks with the confidence in the technicians ability to carry these out to a satisfactory level. Is the role of a Pharmacy Technician for me? If we take an example of a California Pharmacy Technician where added emphasis on Pharmacy Tech certification is given when looking for suitable applicants, we will see what job satisfaction awaits someone contemplating a career change. Day to day tasks, under the supervision of a pharmacists include the manufacturing, packaging and labeling products, managing stock levels so there is adequate levels of stock for distribution and dispensing medication to patients.

A Pharmacy Technician will also be required to learn new technologies in the medical world. A Pharmacy Technician salary does differ depending on the employer and the working environment. If you were to work in a hospital you may earn more than working in a private clinic or retail pharmacies, this is due to the working hours. Hospitals tend to have 24 hour a day dispensers for medication while clinics and retail pharmacies tend to have extended day times hours. The decision to become a Pharmacy Technician can be rewarding, and the position is also very versatile with many different working environments available. If you do decide the role of a Pharmacy Technician is your chosen career path then gaining certification is a great way to help you stand out from other applicants.

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