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Project Gives Pharmacists Greater Care Role

Model aims for better care at less cost

An ambitious project in North Carolina is attempting to improve the quality -- but reduce the cost -- of patient care by shifting some of the burden from doctors to pharmacists.


Antibiotics Overprescribed, Study Finds

Bacteria or virus? Uncertainty drives trend

Twenty-three thousand Americans die each year from antibiotic-resistant infections, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And because the over-prescription of antibiotics is a big reason that bacteria become resistant over time, a recent study should give pediatricians pause.


New Single-Dose Shot Shown to Ease Flu

Drug hailed as ‘major breakthrough’

HealthDay News reported on Sept. 6 that two new studies have shown a new single-dose, injected drug to be safe and effective at helping ease flu symptoms.


Drugstores Evolve as Opportunities Emerge

Expanded health services key to future

What's in a name? Perhaps a clue to the future of the drugstore.

Last week, the parent of the CVS drugstore chain changed its corporate name from CVS Caremark Corp. to CVS Health. The change is more than just symbolic, as CVS has now opened up retail health clinics in 860 of its stores nationwide. It also recently announced initiatives to coordinate care with local hospitals by sharing patients' electronic health records.


How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Are you interested in becoming a pharmacy technician? If so, you have come to the right place. Below is a detailed guide on how to become a pharmacy technician


Do Rewards of Cheap Drugs Outweigh Risks?

Storefronts entice more to play ‘RX roulette’

The Internet is awash with websites selling discount prescription drugs. For those who are intrigued by the savings but wary of the shadowy nature of an online store, there are now brick-and-mortar alternatives popping up in strip malls everywhere offering the same discounts. But are the drugs they sell legitimate -- or even safe?


Getting Patients to Take Their Meds

A Q&A with head MD at CVS

Half of all patients do not take their medications as prescribed. This problem of “adherence” has obvious implications for patient health, and it’s an issue of particular concern to pharmacies.


Survey: Pharm Techs Play Central Role

Frequent customer interaction part of job

According to a survey published on, most pharmacy technicians interact with over 30 customers on a typical day. The categories they are most often asked about include cough and cold (69.7%), allergies (67.7%), and vitamins and supplements (56.3%).


Unitek College Pharmacy Technician Valedictorian

Rochelle Padama graduated from college 17 years ago. But she returned to Unitek College this past winter to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a Pharmacy Technician. She was nervous about returning to school: she is employed, a mother to two daughters, and has a lot on her plate. But she took a chance, enrolled, and actually excelled in her Pharmacy Technician Program at Unitek College. She graduated as Valedictorian of her class. "I have a lot of people to thank for me standing here today," she says it would not be possible without the support and encouragement she received from her classmates, instructors, and family.


Why Choose a Pharmacy Technician Career

Pharmacy technicians assist registered pharmacists in fulfilling their most important role, that of providing with medication. By doing so, pharmacy technicians represent indispensable support staff for pharmacists. Assistance with filling drug prescriptions and with review of orders for dosages, allergies, incompatibilities and interactions is the main role of a pharmacy technician. He or she works as part of a team and assists the pharmacists by performing tasks such as mixing, measuring, packaging, and delivering medications. At the same time, a pharmacy technician needs to maintain computerized lists of the medications and check with the pharmacists before delivering any medication, to see whether those are the right drugs. Other responsibilities of a pharmacy technician may include cleaning and sterilizing instruments, transporting medication and pharmacy equipment to clinics and nursing units, answering various questions about non-drug products, or calling physician's offices for prescription refills.


Training for California Pharmacy Technicians

A pharmacy technician works under direct controls and supervision of a pharmacist and performs all sorts of manipulative, packaging and repetitive tasks, as required by the processing of a prescription in any licensed pharmacy. Working as a California pharmacy technician comes with the obligation to possess a registration as a pharmacy technician and keep it current. Registration as a California pharmacy technician is no longer possible based solely on experience as pharmacy technician or a pharmacy clerk. Completion of a pharmacy tech training program is required. When you want to apply for California pharmacy technician, you have to satisfy all the licensure requirements, as presented in the list made available by the California State Board of Pharmacy.


The Future of Pharmacy Technicians

Innovation of the pharmacy technician's role has occurred with changes in accreditation programs. Accredited education programs allow for the standardization of skills and this expansion of knowledge is partly responsible for these innovative changes. While pharmacy technician educational programs are evolving as quickly as changes are taking place in the job market, the pharmacy technician's role offers opportunity to get into the growing health care field.


Pharmacy Technician Careers in California

Pharmacy Technicians play a very important role in today’s pharmacy industry. The pharmacy tech job involves performing a wide range of duties inside the pharmacy, including assisting licensed pharmacists in providing various prescription-based medications and similar healthcare products to customers. Although sometimes pharmacy technicians have to perform a series of simple, routine activities such as labeling pharmaceutical products, measuring medication quantities, counting pills or helping patients to complete their medical insurance documents and forms, the pharmacy tech job also involves performing delicate tasks such as maintaining proper evidence of patients’ records and insurance information, as well as verifying the validity and accuracy of prescriptions from doctors. Thus, the pharmacy tech job involves performing both simple, repetitive tasks and more important duties that require attention to detail and great responsibility.


How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

It seems sometimes that the people without four year college degrees under their belts are unable to find interesting jobs that pay well and give them the opportunity to excel in challenging careers. However, there are a few that know this to be untrue, thanks to places like Unitek College. Unitek College can help anyone with a serious drive to better their career choices can do so in as few as seven months.


Sign Up For Pharmacy Technician Training in California

The pharmacy technician education prepares students for pharmacy technician positions at an entry-level.

The future technicians are expected to work mostly in hospitals and community pharmacies, although employment in other facilities is possible. When an individual has successfully completed a training program within a pharmacy technician school, he or she can apply for registration with the state of California.  Pharmacy Technician education training can be obtained from various great institutions. 


Registration Requirements For California Pharmacy Technicians

Being a pharmacy technician refers to the tasks performed with the purpose of helping licensed pharmacists in all sorts of activities in a pharmacy, mostly those related to providing patients with medication and health care products. Depending on the place of work, the responsibilities of a pharmacy technician can differ. If he or she works in a retail pharmacy, most of the tasks that he/she needs to perform are related to providing medication to patients according to their prescriptions. This includes counting tablets, measuring or mixing medication, preparing prescription labels, pricing and filing the prescription, etc. If, on the other hand, the technician is employed in a nursing home, hospital, or assisted-living facility, his/her responsibilities may be multiple, such as preparing and delivering medication or reading the patient's charts, in addition to the typical requirements.


Pharmacy Technician Training - The Key to Becoming a Certified Professional

The pharmacy technician profession has gained a lot of attention and interest in the last few years, both among medical school graduates and young students who aspire towards a career in the medical field. A career as a pharmacy tech brings satisfactions on professional, financial and individual levels, by allowing various opportunities for promotion in higher positions with better benefits. As a certified pharmacy technician, you will have the chance to work in various environments such as retail pharmacies, hospitals, clinics or other healthcare organizations administered by the government.


What Skills Do I Need as a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technician education can provide you with a diploma and a great career. California pharmacy tech schools will successfully teach you what the roles of a pharmacy technician are.The certificate obtained after you complete the pharmacy technician program for learning is very important. The pharmacy technician education will teach you the communication skills necessary to help you communicate with the customers. California pharmacy tech schools will teach you everything from pharmaceutical terminology to the pharmaceutical law.


Pharmacy Tech Standards Heightened After Tragic Death

Pharmacy technicians hold people's lives in their hands, as evident by the fatal mistake made by a PT in Ohio when two year old Emily Jerry, who was receiving her last dose of chemotherapy with an excellent prognosis, 'grabbed her head, screamed and cried before falling into a coma. She died three days later. Shockingly, the medication had been compounded with 20x the normal amount of sodium chloride, the standard being 0.9%. The parents rightfully blamed the PT, and the supervising pharmacist who signed off on it.


Pharmacy Tech Jobs On The Rise!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for pharmacy technicians is expected to increase by 25 percent from 2008 to 2018 (the average for all occupations is 14%) (Source:, 01/2012). Whether you are looking for better pay, a change of pace, or want to get into an exciting field where you can excel, a job in the pharmaceutical industries is perfect for those looking for a steady career. Over 40 states now regulate pharmacy technician training, as the demand for these services continue to grow. PTs play a crucial role in providing patients with secure, well organized and reliable care and services.


Have You Ever Thought of a Pharmacy Technician Career?

Pharmacy Technicians are skilled individuals who assist licensed pharmacists in providing health care and medication to a wide cross section of patients.

Previously a lot of Pharmacist’s Assistants were given informal training but there has been a huge increase in formal training being offered by a variety of sources. The training entails learning medications, what they are used for, and the doses a patient should have. Such training can be obtained at vocational schools like Unitek College.  The possibilities within a Pharmacy Technician career are great as the medical world is gaining an increased workload from the growing number of senior citizens.


Choose a Pharmacy Technician School in California

Those aspiring to become pharmacy technicians in California are expected to join a pharmacy tech education program in one of the accredited schools or colleges and become certified. Although certification as a pharmacy technician is not provided by the Board of Pharmacy in California, or any other institution, many employers prefer technicians who have a certification issued by the school or college he/she graduated from, which demonstrates that the individual has successfully completed appropriate pharmacy tech training in CA.


Pharmacy Technicians Schools in California

There are many health professions that have experienced rapid change over the past years, and that of pharmacy technician is one of them.

The changes in pharmaceutical treatment, as well as in the pharmacy profession have led to the emergence of the profession of pharmacy technician.  


Blazing New Trails in Pharmacy Tech Education

The medical field is quickly growing to offer a variety of occupations to those who may not want to invest the many years required to become a medical doctor, dentist and other advanced degree occupations. Pharmacy technician is one of those fields. A pharmacy tech assists licensed pharmacists. They aid the pharmacist in providing medication, health care and advice to patients. A pharmacy tech education will provide to the student the skills necessary to enter into this worthwhile and quickly growing vocation. A pharmacy technician program gives students the expansive knowledge related to the practice of pharmacy as well as the methods of ordering, stocking, packaging and preparing medications for patients under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. The certified pharmacy tech is able to work in many environments including hospitals, home health care, nursing homes, clinics and retail pharmacies. While they are required by law to act only under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, they are able to do many duties that the registered pharmacist does.


Is a Pharmacy Technician Career for you?

The definition of a pharmacy technician and exact outline of his/her job and responsibilities vary according to each state. However, a pharmacy technician is basically a person working under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist and performing tasks and functions that are related to pharmacy. These technicians can be employed in various settings, such as hospitals, community pharmacies, the military, long term care or home health care, mail service facilities, education and training programs, etc.


Pharmacy Technician Program Alumni Recounts His Success

Thuy Huynh is a man of many hats, but none fit him quite so well as his certification as a Pharmacy Technician. Born in Vietnam and raised in the South Bay, California, Thuy has walked different paths in his search for a career which started as a degree in kinesiology (specialization Athletic Training), Information Technology during the dotcom boom, and before beginning his training at Unitek College, Thuy worked in Real Estate. When asked why he chose to train as Pharmacy Technician at Unitek College he replies, "I had a friend at Unitek College in the Medical Assisting program who referred me. I've always been interested in pharmaceuticals since partaking in Magnet program in high school."


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