Medical Assistant Salary Survey

If you’re thinking of stepping into a rewarding role as a Medical Assistant, here are some results of that survey to keep in mind.

Pay For Medical Assistants:

Medical Assistants in California make a median annual wage of $32,440 (Source:, 11/2013). With certification, a potential MA can build the skills they will need on the job.

Medical Assistants Job Duties:

Medical assistants perform various tasks and types of work. Medical assistants will spend the majority of their time doing clinical and administrative work while very few will perform managerial duties, whether clinical or administrative.

Specific Breakdown of Duties:

Most medical assistants engaged in clinical work will end up taking patient vital signs and medical histories. It's not uncommon for medical assistants to perform injections or other laboratory duties such as placing medication into IV lines.

Medical assistants performing administrative duties can include scheduling patient appointments, handling medical records and perform bookkeeping duties.

Medical assistants involved in managerial duties can find themselves purchasing office and clinical supplies, supervising staff and be involved in the hiring, evaluation, or firing process.

Very few medical assistants will find themselves in managerial roles. Medical assistants will spend the bulk of their time engaged in clinical duties. This, coupled with the increased salaries and robust benefits that certification offers, promises a financially and professionally rewarding career.

Gainful Employment disclosure related to this program can be read in our Medical Assisting Program Gainful Employment Disclosure page.