Medical Assisting Articles

Medical Assistant, NP Bring Care to Street

Treating those who think 'nobody cares'

Medical magic doesn't only happen in hospitals. In Salt Lake City, it happens on nameless streets and in cheap motels, as a homeless outreach team delivers care to those who have need of medical intervention but, because of their shadowy existence, avoid going to clinics.


Healthcare Harnesses Social Media

As barriers fall, life-saving potential grows

If you can stand another “social media is changing the world” story, you might find this one particularly relevant. Alan Neuhauser, writing on, describes how social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have become critical communications channels for doctors, nurses, and other medical workers -- often spelling the difference between life and death.


Laughter Is Best Medicine for Memory

Laughing combats harm from stress

We know instinctively that laughter can reduce stress. But a new study from Loma Linda University offers scientific proof that laughter improves memory as well by reducing the amount of the "stress hormone" cortisol, which decreases memory function and can damage the brain.


No Hands? No Problem for Medical Asst. Grad

'I like to prove people wrong,' she says

Does a training program sometimes seem like too much to take on? A story that aired on KGW in Portland, Oregon might help put things in perspective.


Future Bright for Frontline Healthcare Workers

Team-based care raises importance of role

Two policy experts at the Brookings Institution predict that frontline healthcare workers such as medical assistants and pharmacy technicians will be in increasing demand as healthcare organizations move toward a care team model to meet the diverse needs of an expanding pool of patients.


Nervous about Returning to School, Enthusiastic about Starting a New Career

Shubra Chanana remembers how nervous the thought of quitting her job, returning to school, and embarking on a completely different career path made her. She was scared that she was too old, after all, her son was in the middle of his undergraduate studies when she decided to go back to class. After much inner debate, she decided to return to school and completely change her career. "There is nothing holding one back," says Shubra, "but their own fears."


Five Tips to Guaranteed to Produce a Stellar Medical Assisting Resume

This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often MA’s just forgo putting previous medical work on their résumés. When hiring a worker, the two biggest factors in an employer’s decision are “how much do we need to train this person?” and “can they handle the work?” Posting your experience is the best way to answer those questions for an employer. Be sure to include key skills, to create a better picture of your work experience. Some things employers like to see in Medical Assistant applicants are: taking heart rate and blood pressure, reading EKGs, accessing Electronic Medical Records programs, assisting doctors with patient exams, and performing common lab tests.


What Are The Duties of a Medical Assistant?

A Medical Assistant acts as an administrator and carries out clinical duties. The ability to multi task in this job role is extremely important as a medical assistant is required to answer telephones, file medical paperwork, book and cancel appointments, arrange for hospital visits and admissions, liaise with laboratories as administrative tasks while also greeting patients, explaining medical procedures, taking blood, carrying out ECG’s (Electrocardiograms) performing basic laboratory tests and so much more within a clinical role.


The Medical Assisting Career

There are many reasons for you to focus your efforts towards building a career as a medical assistant! Although the medical assistant profession can be very challenging, involving a lot of dedication and responsibility, it also brings many financial and personal satisfactions. Undoubtedly, medical assistants have always been considered to be major components of the healthcare industry, fulfilling a set of vital roles in the medical offices. As a medical assistant, you have the opportunity to offer a very important service to the community, by participating actively in the ongoing process of patients’ care and by channeling your efforts towards improving the patients’ health.


The Healthcare Industry is Growing - Medical Assisting Training a Rewarding Career

In the world of hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, doctors are involved in a lot of serious and intense work. To help them focus on patient care, these individuals require the help of others to take care of some of the fundamental areas of their work. Medical assistants keep the areas around their physicians running smoothly so the physician can better attend to their patients. Medical assistants handle both administrative and clinical duties, such as updating patient charts, arranging services, drawing blood, preparing and sterilizing instruments, among a long list of other things. Though similar, medical assistants are not to be confused with physician assistants -- medical assistants do not diagnose or treat patients, but instead they do their best to assist those who can.


Medical Assisting Careers Are What They Want

More and more people are interested in certified medical assisting training that can provide them the healthcare career they want. A certified medical assistant is a respected member of the community and is the perfect job if you want to help people. A medical assistant has the advantage of returning from work with a smile even after a busy and tiring day. After you complete a certified medical assisting training you will be able to give your help to others which the most significant aspect.

If you apply for a certified medical assisting training you can be assured that your career will only have more opportunities to improve. If you are a certified medical assistant you have more chances than otherwise to be selected by medical offices or hospitals. All the health care establishments want for the most qualified individuals to work for them so it is essential for your career to complete a certified medical assisting training. Certification is usually voluntary but you have to know that your career has only to gain if you are a certified medical assistant. You will be preferred by anyone if you would have passed the certification exam. If you completed a certified medical assisting training you demonstrate that you have the knowledge and the experience needed to succeed in this occupation.


Medical Assisting Career: A Career in Helping People

A medical assisting career can be both rewarding and offer a good income. Medical assistants generally operate in a clinical setting and perform both administrative and clerical duties. They may work in doctors’ offices, clinics, laboratories, hospitals or industrial settings that require health care personnel. When a person decides to become a medical assistant, they embark on a career that is often very demanding but is also quite rewarding. A medical assistant may, in addition to aiding the physician, answer phones, order supplies, file and update patient charts as well as other clerical duties. State law governs the level of clinical duties that a medical assistant may perform. These duties may include taking medical histories, recording vitals and even actually assisting the doctor with the examination. With all these duties and responsibilities it is no surprise that medical assisting training must be very technical and precise.


Medical Assisting Training and Certification

Medical assistance training will prepare you for straddling the fence between clinical and administrative tasks, which include pretty much everything from keeping precise medical records to running basic tests. Among other things, medical assistance training will include practice in giving injections, building a medical vocabulary, working in a doctor's office to get hands-on experience, and studying for the national certification exam.


Medical Assisting Programs and MA Certification

The shortage of medical personnel, including medical assistants, is a well-known fact. This is the reason why the number of job opening for this occupation is expected to increase. In spite of the high demand for medical assistants, on-the-job training is less and less available, and employers seek formally trained and certified assistants. Both clinical and administrative duties are expected to be performed by the future medical assistant, and these responsibilities are extremely important, both to the well being of patients and to the practice running smoothly. Completing a state approved medical assistance program has become a requirement in most states. Holding an MA certification demonstrates that the individual possess strong knowledge and skills, both in theory and in practice, and is dedicated to his/her work.


Medical Assisting Colleges Provide Required Training and Certification for Medical Assistants

Medical assistants are skilled professionals who work under the supervision of health care providers, such as physicians, and assist them in all the aspects of their medical practices. Probably the most important responsibility of a medical asst is that of acting as a liaison between the patients and the physician. Other responsibilities include administrative tasks, such as serving as a computer operator, bookkeeper, office manager, secretary-typist, and paramedical technician. The clinical responsibilities of a medical asst require him/her to make use of his/her skills in examination room techniques. Sterilizing equipment and instruments, performing electrocardiography and basic laboratory tests, taking measurements and vital signs, preparing patients for examination or treatment, assisting physician throughout their interaction with the patients may be some of the tasks that a medical asst needs to perform.


Choose the Right Medical Assisting School

Before deciding to pursue a medical assisting career, individuals should be well informed about this profession, including the nature of their future work, the working conditions, training programs, the possibility of advancement, earnings, employment, job outlook, and related occupations. All this information is extremely important when you are on the verge of choosing a profession, or changing it, and especially important in this case, because work in the healthcare system does not address just anybody.


A Medical Assistant Must Be Willing To Go That Extra Mile

If you want to become a medical assistant you have to know what this implies but above all, you must be willing to go the extra mile for the patient.

A person that really deserves a MA Certification is one that cares about people and is not soley interested in having a career and a good financial situation. In order to be a good Medical Assistant in the Bay Area, you have to complete every task demurely. When you do your Medical Assisting training in CA and your goal is to become a professional you have to work hard.


Medical Assisting Salary Survey

If you’re thinking of stepping into a rewarding role as a Medical Assistant, here are some results of that survey to keep in mind.