Employer Success Stories

Quote I wanted to thank the Unitek College Medical Assistant team for the interns who have worked with me in my clinic. We have been working with these students for more than 10 years and it has been delightful to have these students get hands-on practical training while working with my team. The level of education that they have received from the Unitek College instructors is superb. We can clearly see how the training from the school has boosted the level of proficiency in these students before they come to us. The depth of their knowledge is absolutely amazing. When I am making a hiring decision for my practice, I add more personal, I will look at their graduates first and I am sure will find good choices. At the end thanks to the college management with their great skill of communication and professionalism.

Dr. Ebrahim Ahmadi, MD

Quote [Unitek College Students] are always professional and ready to go, and they make the transition easily. It’s a good caliber student. And I’m really impressed with the simulation labs here. I’ve met with a couple other affiliates in the Bay Area and I’ve mentioned the simulation labs here, and their caliber, and it’s pretty bar-setting – just a fabulous environment.

Nicole F. Student Placement Coordinator, Kaiser Permanente

Quote The techs that I hired at Walgreens are from Unitek [College]. I get students from all types of schools… and the first preference I give is to Unitek [College], because those students are really organized and well structured…I see motivation in them.

Usha K. Pharmacy Manager, Walgreens

Quote What I do notice about the Unitek [College] students and the instructors is I feel that they’re professional, and just ready to get in, dig in, get going, and I like the way that they work with the residents. They are just ready to do it when they come in. And they are very professional in the way that they act, and instructors have been great.

Kathy S. Director of Staff Development, Chaparral House

Quote I hired these nurses because I knew they did their training with Unitek College and at my facility, I know they are good.

-Rhoda Navarro, Director of Nursing at Grant Cuesta, Mountain View CA

Quote Shu is doing a great job; what a way to represent Unitek College. Shu continues to efficiently work side-by-side with the Pharmacist answering the window, phone and replenishing the crash cart, she is a true asset.

-Evelyn Talbert, Supervisor of Business Operations Department of Pharmacy, Stanford Hospital and Clincs, Palo Alto CA

Quote Willy is an Excellent MA student. He treats all the patients with a lot of care and attention. He is very well liked by both the patients and his co-workers. I am creating a new position just for him because we don't want to lose him. Thank you for sending him our way!

-Vimi Chand, Manager of Internal Medicine, Kaiser Permanente, Union City CA

Quote I will say that Alexandria has performed all these and other tasks asked of her with an eagerness to learn and please. She is always engaging with patients and staff trying to learn from their experiences. She has been well liked and always agreeable. She has performed all her jobs admirably. I recommend Alexandria without reservation and know she will be an excellent addition to any office staff.

-Howard B. Kleckner, MD, Kaiser Permanente

Quote Good job, Michael! I am very proud of you. This is a very good full-time position with benefits. I am sure many qualified candidates applied - and you got it.

-Bond Kuo, Outpatient Pharmacy Manager, Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara CA

Quote Unitek College produces quick learners and hard workers.

-ViJay Kumar, Pharmacy Manager, Kindred Pharmacy Services, Mountain View CA

Quote Unitek College truly is the benchmark in Nursing education, we are always looking forward to hiring your grads...Can't wait to see the new building next door...

-Marco Antonio Santos, Carlton Living Center, LLC